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  • Lifelong learner. Attending workshops, courses and has read over 300+ personal development, biographies and business books.

  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Certified Life Coach (iNLP Center, ICF accredited). Also, trained with Deborah Deras & Graham Nicholls.

  • Cenita holds a B.S in Human Relations and Business.

  • Accomplished her dreams by carefully crafting her life despite many obstacles along the way and a dysfunctional childhood giving her very little family to lean on.

  • Served as an electronics technician in the U.S. Air Force.

  • Over 27 years experience in the entertainment industry. Fully retired at age 51. Fashion model (print & runway) & television commercial career starting at age 23 (retirement age for many models). Naysayers said she would never sign with top agencies nor last in the industry.

  • Cenita has honed her business experience as a serial entrepreneur:  Creator of ”Thatz Hot”, an accessory product line,  ”Teenz Media” a positive entertainment news blog for teens and “Social Visionz” a social media agency.

  • Author of Supreme Warrior: Battle Through Life’ Obstacles and Take Charge of Your Dreams.

  • As we age, we become caregivers of our aging parents. Cenita used goal-setting tools to make several major life changes during the pandemic.  In June 2020, she moved her elderly father who has Alzheimer’s from Alabama. Then she freed up her time to be with her dad and focus on coaching business by quitting a full-time Media and Technology Marketing Executive position at iHeartMedia and replaced it with remote part-time work. This freed up time for her dad, coaching business and to launch her talk show.

    Sept 2022, she laid her father to rest but he’s with her in spirit guiding her continuing journey. Archie’s calling her french bulldog-pug by the nickname he gave her because of her ears, ‘Goat-head’.’

  • Cenita is aging gracefully at 56 and counting!

Cenita will be your resilience, perseverance and accountability partner. You will rediscover goals, dreams and take action to live a purpose-filled life at any age.